Patrick Gomersall is a Yorkshire based figurative painter and music producer, currently exhibiting in a number of galleries across the North of England.

An expressive and direct approach to mark making is central to Patrick’s work, he views drawing not as something separate from or precursory to a painting, but as an integral part of his process, at times by way of scraping or scoring the surface with saw blades and old hand tools.

Patrick’s latest series Lost in Transit draws from a range of sources including personal photographs, anonymous internet forum posts, and images pulled from the web and social media. The work explores recurring themes of alienation, social isolation, and conflict between the internal and external worlds.

“I try to disregard formal approaches to perspective and colour, and work in bursts of activity in the studio to build, destroy and rebuild an image that resonates with a collected phrase or unsettles me in some kind of way.”

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All images © Patrick Gomersall